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Setting The Standard

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Guildline Instruments is the premier world-wide supplier of ultra-precise electrical and temperature measurement

instruments and standards. The Company has been in business designing and manufacturing instruments for

over half a century (i.e. since 1957) and has an outstanding reputation unparalleled in the field of

electrical metrology.Guildline products are used for research and as the primary instrument with respect

to establishing traceability to fundamental electrical standards. Key customer markets include national

research laboratories, national metrology institutes, militaries, nuclear power plants, aerospace, and companies

in the electrical and power industry. Most leading electrical and temperature research laboratories and

national metrology institutes throughout the world use Guildline products.Guildline manufactures

a broad range of metrological instrumentation including the world’s best Resistance Standards (both AC and DC),

Resistance and Thermometry Bridges, Teraohmmeters, the world’s best DC Current Shunts, Wide Frequency

AC Current Shunts, Transconductance Amplifiers, and AC Voltage References. The Company also

builds digital thermometers, air baths, and the world’s best salinometers.Guildline’s blend of craft and technology

is unique and is backed up by over half a century of commitment to our customers. Our instruments provide

our customers with the widest range, best accuracies, and best uncertainties of any manufacturer.Guildline

world-class engineering team continues to introduce many new innovations into electrical metrology instruments.

Often new instruments and standards are developed in collaboration with national laboratories including the

National Research Council of Canada.The Company has very strong quality control procedures in place and is

accredited to the ISO 17025 standard. Guildline products are typically used for at least 20 years and some

have been in operation for more than 35 years. In fact Guildline provides a full two year warranty for both the operation

of our products and a guarantee that they perform within our manufacturer’s specifications. No other electrical

metrology company provides customers with the same warranty and guarantee as Guildline.