Gulf Equipment Metrology Services

Setting The Standard

Calibration Capabilities


Sound level meter, Sound level calibrators. Learn More..


Angles measuring & generating instruments,Calipers, Inside, Outside and Depth Micrometers, Digital Micrometers, Dial and Test Indicators, Height Gages, Dial Indicator Testers,Gage Blocks, Measuring Tapes/ Steel Rules, Feeler Gages, Coating Thickness Gages, Thickness Gages , Cylindrical Plug Gages, Threaded Plug,Gages, Surface Flats,Inside, Outside Class X,Master Rings, Plugs & Discs, length standards. Learn More..

Electrical – DC/Low Frequency

Digital Multimeters,Decade Resistance Boxes,Voltmeters,Ohmmeters,Ammeters,Multifunction Calibrators,Process instruments,capacitance generating and measuring equipment,LCR meters.inductance meters,inductors,standard capacitors. Learn More..

Electrical – RF/Microwave

Power meters,signal generators,attenuators,frequency counters, power splitters,couplers,power sensors, RF watt meters. Learn More..

Fluid Quantities

Density meters,air velocity meters,manometers,flow meters. Learn More..


Torque wrenches,torque calibrators,accelerometers,vibration meters,force indicators,load cells,balance,standard weights,scales,comparators,Pressure gauges,deadweight testers,relief valves,digital pressure indicators,barometers. Learn More..


Thermometers, temperature baths, ovens, furnaces, standard platinum thermometer, temperature recorders, hygrometers. Learn More..

Time and Frequency

Clocks, stop watches, timers, frequency meters, frequency counters,  time interval counters. Learn More..